I would like to make a pun ))

Kant pun

  • We don’t really want to make punny jokes about education philosophers, Dewey?
  • I wonder if I pursue my writing career whilst being a flamboyant homosexual will make people think I am too Wilde?
  • I’d want to tell you my secrets, but I’m a Freud.
  • I’d make a pun about psychology but I’m a Freud to do that. You might not get it since you’re all so Jung.
  • I am Thoreau-ly enjoying these comments.
  • I really needed to go Chopin but I forgot my Liszt.
  • I’ve read that they used to whip children in the orphanages in old England. I bet that hurt like the Dickens.
  • The “Messiah” was complicated but it was OK because the composer could Handel it.
  • Look inside to find your Nietzsche in the world.
  • Socrates was a depressed eater. Whenever he ate alone he would ask for another Plato.
  • I have a habit of annoying my friends with puns. Irritated, one day my friend locked me up in my room “Now pun your way out!” She said.
    “Oh-pun the door!” I grinned back.”
  • I heard that communists get some pretty high Marx in school.
  • Physics: Doesn’t Bohr me.
  • He’s just a Poe boy from a Poe family…
  • I saw Ludwig and Wolfgang the other day. They were Haydn in the Bach of the store.
  • I don’t have a Thoreau understanding of these puns….hope I won’t lose any Marx..
  • Decided to Mozi on over to Facebook and Reid a few Daly posts. Got a Locke on a meme that really put me through the Mill. It’s a Wylie idea, but what a Paine! Someone was Sorley in need of philosophy puns and Ast for contributions. To be Frank, that was not the Wright thing to request: puns are the Bain of mature discourse. This is only for the Jung and the Jünger. One feels a Fine urge to Raz and Haeckel the thread, which could Sully good dialog and cause a Rowe. What’s More, puns can Benda few rules of courtesy and Peirce good relationships like a Spir. So to Eco the meme maker, I deny that I am von Abel to pun about philosophy at all. The page admin should be Rohde out of town; this misses the Marx.
  • Please, tell me Moore.
  • And if I post this again, it would be a re-Kant!

These are not my puns, I chose the whittiest ones from an internet discussion aver the topic just to share them with you, have some laugh and get inspired for more puns!! Hope you enjoyed this Saturday post over a cup of tea )).


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